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    CHIMGEN    2019-02-14

    The Chinese Imaging Genetics (CHIMGEN) study has been registered on ClinicalTrials.gov with an identifier of NCT02681822. This prospective study aims to identify genetic and environmental factors and their interactions that are associated with neuroimaging and behavioral phenotypes. This study was initiated in 2015 and has collected genomic, environmental, neuroimaging and behavioral data from over 7,000 healthy Chinese Han participants aged between 18 and 30 years in 29 research centers located in 20 cities in the mainland of China. The CHIMGEN study is currently the largest available neuroimaging genetics cohort of non-Caucasian (Chinese Han) population. In particular, the environmental data also includes over a hundred of quantitative natural and social environmental measures associated with the locations of each participant from birth to present derived from satellite images and national survey databases, which may facilitate the discovery of new environmental factors associated with the human brain. The CHIMGEN data will be open to bona fide researchers worldwide for scientific purposes.

    Currently, there are three projects ongoing in our group:

    1. Cross-ethnic differences in genetic associations with neuroimaging phenotypes

    2. Environmental factors associated with neuroimaging phenotypes

    3. Genome-wide by environment interactions on neuroimaging phenotypes