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    CHIMGEN    2019-02-14

    The data documents of CHIMGEN is divided into Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Quality control (QC) and Data Sharing Policy (DSP). These documents provided a full description of the inclusion and exclusion criteria, detailed methods and procedures of screening, genotyping, and collections of the blood sample and behavioral, environmental and neuroimaging data, and specific QC procedures for personal information, blood sample, GWAS, and behavioral, environmental and neuroimaging assessments.

    In SOP, we depicted the standard operation procedures for acquiring genetic, environmental, neuroimaging and behavioral data. The SOP was arranged as following content:

    1. Overview

    2. Screening

    3. Behavioral and environmental assessments

    4. Quantitative environmental assessments

    5. Blood samples

    6. Genotyping

    7. Neuroimaging data

    Please see the SOP file in here.

    We have provided the detailed quality control procedures and preliminary results in the file of the CHIMGEN quality control. The QC was arranged as following content:

    1. Personal information

    2. Behavioral assessments

    3. Environmental assessments

    4. Blood samples

    5. Genome-wide association study

    6. Neuroimaging assessments

    Please see the QC file in here.

    In DSP, we introduced the principles for data sharing, available data resources,application and agreement for collaboration and data sharing. The DSP was arranged as following content:

    1. Introduction

    2. Principles for data sharing

    3. Available data resources

    4. Application and review

    5. Application form for collaboration

    6. Application form for summary data

    7. Agreement for collaboration

    8. Agreement for summary data

    Please see the DSP file in here.