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Radiology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University (Liaoning)

Dalian 116011, China


The Radiology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University was founded in 1948——a key clinical specialty of Liaoning Province, a key discipline of Dalian and a key discipline of Dalian Medical University. Department are equipped with 22 advanced large-scale imaging equipment, including 3.0T MR, Revolution CT and so on. More than 600,000 imaging examinations were completed every year. The scientific research level of the department is in the first place of Dalian, among which there are 32 scientific research projects were presided over or participated in, including 7 projects sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation, 6 scientific and technological progress awards at provincial and municipal levels, more than 300 papers (20 SCI articles), 27 textbooks and academic works. Neuroimaging is a traditional and advantageous sub-specialty of radiology department. It is led by Professor Miao Yanwei and focuses on the structural and functional imaging research of brain diseases (such as cerebrovascular diseases, brain tumors, brain degenerative diseases, cognitive impairment, epilepsy, etc.) using MSCT and MRI. As an important part of the National Advanced Stroke Center and Dalian Cerebrovascular Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center, the Neuroimaging Group plays an important role in early detection, guidance and treatment, disease monitoring process, and occupies a leading position in the diagnosis of cerebrovascular diseases, brain tumors, dementia and other nervous system diseases in China. In the past 3 years, the team has received 2 grants from the national level, 1 from the provincial level, and 3 from the hospital. In collaboration with neurology and neurosurgery, a number of studies have been carried out, including histogram/texture analysis of MRI sequence parameters of brain tumors, one-stop CT and MRI examinations of cerebrovascular diseases, diabetic brain microstructure and function studies, localization of epilepsy, qualitative MRI studies, AD and PD brain microstructure and dysfunction studies.

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