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Department of Magnetic Resonance Lanzhou of Gansu University Second Hospita



The Department of Magnetic Resonance of the Lanzhou University Second Hospital is the largest magnetic resonance imaging diagnosis and research center in Gansu Province. It is the main base for the training, research and teaching of magnetic resonance personnel in Gansu province, and has a high reputation both inside and outside the province. Our department has strong professional strength, with 5 senior professional titles, 1 master's tutor, 1 MD, 1 MD in reading and 15 Postgraduate Students. The department's software and hardware equipment is first-class in the province. At present, there are 4 high-field magnetic resonance scanners. It can carry out various types of magnetic resonance examination and diagnosis projects, forming cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, brain tumors and neuropsychiatric functional research features such as functional magnetic resonance imaging and diagnosis. The number of inspections in the year ranked first in the province, and the number of inspections was about 50,000. The department is the national clinical application and research training base of Siemens and Philips, and is the national youth committee unit of the Chinese Medical Association Radiology Branch. High-end equipment can help us carry out all kinds of advanced scientific research. In the past 5 years, our department has undertaken more than 10 national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects. In the past 2 years,we won the second prize of provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress, and published 3 SCI papers. We have trained more than 10 graduate students and the undergraduates throughout the country.

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