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Zhejiang Department of Radiology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University

Wenzhou 325000, China


The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University (FHWMU), founded in 1919, is among the first four general public tertiary hospitals in Zhejiang Province. It provides more choice, easier access and better care for an estimated 30 millions of people residing within Wenzhou city and its environs, including Southern Zhejiang, Northern Fujian and Eastern Jiangxi Province. The Radiology Imaging Center is a comprehensive department, encompassing clinical practice, education and research. It is the Candidate Center for National Key Disciplines on Medical Imaging of Zhejiang Province, Sino-American Clinical Training Center, Training Center for Medical Interns of Taiwan Medical University, and among the first Hospitals of National Clinical Training Center for Specialists Authorized by the NHC. It also offers various Training Programs and Courses at master and doctor levels for Wenzhou Medical University. At present, there are 129 health care technicians in the center, including 9 with Senior Professional Titles, 11 with Sub-Senior Professional Titles, one selected as Innovative Health Talent of Zhejiang Province, one Young and Middle-aged College Academic Leader of Zhejiang Province, one selected in 151 Talent Project of Zhejiang Province. The Center is equipped with many advanced Imaging Devices, including 9 CT, 5 MRI, 1 PET-CT, 10 DRs, 2 Digital Gastrointestinal Diagnosis Machines, 2 Molybdenum Target X-ray Machines, 3 Dual-energy Bone Densitometers and several Bedside Monitoring Systems and Instruments.

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