Professor Gunter Schumann and ISTBI cohort of Fudan University visited Tian jin key lab of functional imaging

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On December 11, 2019, Professor Gunter Schumann of KCL, Professor Feng Jianfeng of Fudan University and his team were invited to visit Tianjin key lab of functional imaging, and had a preliminary discussion on scientific research cooperation in the conference room of radiology department of Tianjin Medical University General Hospital.

Professor Gunter Schumann, director of Centre for Population Neuroscience and Stratified Medicine, ioppn, KCL, is the initiator of IMAGEN project. In the morning , Professor Gunter Schumann, Professor Yu Chunshui and Dr. Xu Jiayuan discussed the details of the revisions of the earlier cooperation paper, and discussed the next round of new cooperation.

In the afternoon, Dr. Jia Tianye of Fudan University made a report on the scientific research progress of the ISTBI (Fudan Key Laboratory, The Institute of Science and Technology for Brain-inspired Intelligencee) cohort. The report introduced the experimental baseline protocol scheme, pre experimental scheme, data acquisition and processing of the project, and proposed strategies to further improve the team strength. Later, Professor Gunter Schumann, the ISTBI cohort and our laboratory discussed the preliminary cooperation in the future.

Director Yu Chunshui of our laboratory briefly introduced the recruitment launch plan of CHIMGEN project to Fudan team, mainly answered the questions of ISTBI cohort on member management, division structure, project publicity, subject recruitment and recall, data quality control, etc. and put forward opinions on data sharing in the cooperation plan.

Editor: Luli Wei