The world's largest sample of the Chinese Han population imaging genetics cohort published in Molecular Psychiatry

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The Chinese Imaging Genetics (CHIMGEN) consortium includes 30 research centers in 21 cities across the country. After nearly four years of experimental design, recruitment of participants, data collection and quality control, the world's largest sample of the Chinese Han population imaging genetics cohort was established. Related results were published in the world-leading journal Molecular Psychiatry in December 2019 (Impact factor: 11.973 in 2018, 12.18 in 5 years), entitled “CHIMGEN: A Chinese Imaging Genetics Cohort to Enhance Cross-Ethnic and Cross-Geographic Brain Research”.

CHIMGEN study establishes the largest Chinese neuroimaging genetics cohort and aims to identify genetic and environmental factors and their interactions that are associated with neuroimaging and behavioral phenotypes. This study prospectively collected genomic, neuroimaging, environmental, and behavioral data from more than 7000 healthy Chinese Han participants aged 18–30 years. As a pioneer of large-sample neuroimaging genetics cohorts of non-Caucasian populations, this cohort can provide new insights into ethnic differences in genetic-neuroimaging associations by being compared with Caucasian cohorts. In addition to micro-environmental measurements, this study also collects hundreds of quantitative macro-environmental measurements from remote sensing and national survey databases based on the locations of each participant from birth to present, which will facilitate discoveries of new environmental factors associated with neuroimaging phenotypes. With lifespan environmental measurements, this study can also provide insights on the macro-environmental exposures that affect the human brain as well as their timing and mechanisms of action.

We thank all CHIMGEN participants for all their contributions. This work was supported in part by the National Key Research and Development Program of China (Grant No. 2018YFC1314301) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 81425013) contributing to the initiation of the project.

Title: Xu, Q., Guo, L., Cheng, J. et al. CHIMGEN: a Chinese imaging genetics cohort to enhance cross-ethnic and cross-geographic brain research. Mol Psychiatry (2019) doi:10.1038/s41380-019-0627-6


Author list:

Qiang Xu, Lining Guo, Jingliang Cheng, Meiyun Wang, Zuojun Geng, Wenzhen Zhu, Bing Zhang, Weihua Liao, Shijun Qiu, Hui Zhang, Xiaojun Xu, Yongqiang Yu, Bo Gao, Tong Han, Zhenwei Yao, Guangbin Cui, Feng Liu, Wen Qin, Quan Zhang, Mulin Jun Li, Meng Liang, Feng Chen, Junfang Xian, Jiance Li, Jing Zhang, Xi-Nian Zuo, Dawei Wang, Wen Shen, Yanwei Miao, Fei Yuan, Su Lui, Xiaochu Zhang, Kai Xu, Long Jiang Zhang, Zhaoxiang Ye, Chunshui Yu, for the CHIMGEN Consortium.

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